Innovative Toy Storage Ideas

If you are looking for a unique toy storage idea, you have come to the right place. There is no need for storage to be dull. With an assortment of book, craft, and toy storage bins, you can keep your child’s room looking orderly, yet fun. The right toy storage solution might vary from room to room and household to household, but here are a few ideas for keeping your toys tidy:

The Classic Toy Box

A standard toy chest can be a wonderful toy storage system. It keeps toys in one place, so your child’s favorite dolls and games are kept secure. Thanks to some innovative designs, toy boxes are now more interesting to look at than ever before. You can find boxes with sports themes, animal themes, and Disney themes.

Consider Hanging it Up

You may not realize it, but a laundry bag can be an excellent childcare toy storage article. However, be sure to choose one that has a snap or Velcro fastener rather than a cord. You can then attach hooks or pegs to a wall and hang up the bag of toys. Do not hang the bag too high, though—you will want to make sure that your toddler can reach it.

A laundry bag can also be appropriate for animal toy storage. You will find dog toy storage is much easier if you rely on a laundry bag to do the “dirty work.”

Bath Tub Toy Storage

It is important that you find appropriate bath toy storage. Unfortunately, because of their exposure to the water, bath toys can easily become bacteria-ridden. Therefore, be sure to purchase storage tubs for your child’s bathtub supplies. The storage bins will provide an effective way for your bath toys to dry out between washings.

Hidden Storage Possibilities

bath tub toy storage solution.Another option is to use the space underneath a bed. A rolling basket for toys and games can easily fit under your child’s sleeping space. You can usually fit two baskets underneath a twin bed or standard crib. The advantage to such baskets is that, when they are rolled out from beneath the bed, your child’s toys can be easily seen. In other words, your son or daughter does not have to hunt through a toy chest to find the right toy.

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