Toys for Tots Minnesota

The state of Minnesota has become a driving force in the national Christmas Toys for Tots program, a campaign to deliver presents and Christmas joy to needy children at the holidays. For decades, the program has been serving disadvantaged children, teenagers, and their families. Thanks to its sterling reputation, the program continues to gain support.

A Christmas Venture
In Minnesota , the emphasis on toy collection occurs in December—generally from the first week in December to the day before Christmas Eve. Businesses and other organizations participate by providing a box for toy collection to meet the needs of their particular site. The Marine Corps then provides posters and other Toys for Tots promotional items to display with the boxes.

Transportation Challenges
The transportation of toys to the warehouse continues to be a primary concern for the Minnesota program. Obviously, the goal of the program is to deliver toys to low-income children. In order to succeed at this, volunteers need to get the toys to the warehouse in a timely manner.

Therefore, drop-off sites are encouraged to empty their boxes as soon as they are filled. For instance, businesses can drop off toy boxes at toy tents located outside commercial television stations which are taking part in the campaign.

Monetary Donations Accepted
Although the program primarily involves toy donations, monetary contributions are also accepted. While the organization prefers checks, cash donations are also accepted. Checks must be made out to “Toys for Tots.” Contributions over $250 are tax-deductible and are rewarded with a receipt from the Toys for Tots Foundation.

minnesota toys for tots.2006 Toys for Tots
2006 promises to be a good year for the Minnesota program, thanks to a great deal of local community participation. In addition, the program is helped on a national level through the msnbc.msn.com site Toys for Tots. The website can provide much-needed exposure for the charitable program. The fact that the national media are behind the program is a testament to the program’s continued credibility and success. If you have never before participated in the program, you are missing out on a golden opportunity to serve your fellow man—and to spread Christmas cheer in the process.

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