2005 Christmas

Last Christmas proved to be a successful holiday for the nation’s toy industry. A number of products, for instance, could qualify for the 2005 Christmas hot toy. While it might be difficult to identify the 2005 Christmas most popular toy, there were certainly a number of contenders for the number-one spot.

2005 Best Christmas Toy

A likely candidate for the 2005 Christmas hottest toy would be the Playmobil Rock Castle. This palace, built on a bed of rocks, truly encourages kids’ imaginations. The castle offers three exciting levels of play. It also includes a dungeon, a treasure chest, four knights, a horse, and a collection of weapons.

A 2005 Hard-to-Find Christmas Toy
Yet another contender for inspiring toy is the puppet theatre. The colorful graphics and velvet curtains are specially designed to inspire creativity. The theatre is perfect for toddlers who like to put on a show. It’s also tall—four and a half feet—so it makes an impressive addition to any room.

Christmas 2005 Top Ten Toy
A 2005 Christmas popular toy is the V. Smile TV Learning System from VTech Electronics North America. This 2005 Christmas top-selling toy features interactive games and graphics designed to help your child to learn. The toy is also easy and convenient to use, since it can be hooked up to your family television.

Another Christmas 2005 Top Toy
One of the top 20 Christmas toys is the Fridge Phonics Magnetic Set from LeapFrog Enterprises. The set consists of interactive magnets in the shape of alphabets, along with a magnetic letter reader which can attach to your refrigerator. Yet another candidate for the 10 2005 Christmas top toy is the Peek-a-Blocks IncrediBlock by Fisher Price. This toy is simply magical, thanks to its bright lights and entertaining sounds.

2006 Christmas Top Toy
A likely candidate for top toy of this year is the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Musical Chair. The chair is interactive, teaching your toddler the art of counting, the science of understanding opposites, and other skills. An attached side table comes complete with a lamp, book, and clock which talks and makes sounds. It’s the perfect play chair for children between the ages of one and two-and-a-half.

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