The Right Educational Toy and Game

leap frog toy.

A kid educational game can be a wonderful investment for your toddler. An educational game toy can teach him or her such skills as counting, the alphabet, and fine and gross motor skills. When learning is fun, young children are more likely to keep at it. An educational game is a great toy, one that will pay handsome dividends as a child grows older.

Shopping for Educational Toys and Games
There are numerous ways to shop for learning toys today. For instance, you can browse specialty stores, look through toy catalogs, or search the Internet. You’re likely to be amazed at the wide variety of items that are available. For instance, you might consider a jumbo-sized magnetic construction set produced by Magneatos. This toy actually won the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award and was featured on NBC’s “Today Show” and in “Money” magazine. This product allows young children o experience the mystery of magnetic construction projects.

shape sorter.Infantino Jumbo Shape Sorter
Infantino produces a truly memorable toy for tots. The jumbo shape sorter can help children to develop much-needed hand-eye coordination. You can press on the toy’s ears to release the shapes. Then, the sorting game can begin.

Leap Frog Little Touch Leap Pad
The Little Touch Leap Pad consists of a starter book with activity cards that can produce more than 100 early learning activities. These activities include learning the ABCs, letter sounds, numbers, colors, shapes, and word recognition. Each book permits you to choose from three different learning experiences. For instance, setting one consists of music and soundscapes which use sound to stimulate brain development.

The rhythms featured can be particularly intriguing to little ones. Meanwhile, setting two introduces word play which can help a child develop early language skills, while setting three, the laugh and learn segment, helps to develop pre-school readiness. The manufacturer notes that the period between ages one and two is a time when word comprehension, talking, and grammar skills increase substantially. At this age, children also begin to process abstract ideas such as shapes, numbers, and colors. With this type of toy, children can enhance their problem-solving skills, improve their memories, and even develop some math and creative thinking skills.

Other Reputable Toy Brands
In addition, there are a number of other companies that offer particularly good educational toys. Leap Frog is a case in point. A Leapfrog educational toy could quickly become your child’s prized possession. This is because a Leap Frog educational toy can offer endless hours of imaginative play. Meanwhile, a VTech educational toy is one of the top-selling toys in America today. A V Tech educational toy blends the latest in technology with old-fashioned fun