The Magic of a Child's Toy Box
There can be little doubt that a child's toy box can be a magical find. It's not simply an attractive place to store a child's toys - it can also be an important part of a child's bedroom. When shopping for a children's toy chest, be sure to select one that is not only roomy, but also reflects your child's individual style. There are some amazing colors, styles, and patterns you can choose from. As a result, you can select a toy chest that goes well with the rest of the furniture in your child's bedroom.

A Kid's Toy Chest Fit for a Princess
For the princess in your life, consider a Princess Toy Box by Levels of Discovery. This toy box for kids includes a royal padded seat cushion which can be easily removed when your little girl is sifting through her toy chest. The treasure chest also includes a slow-closing metal safety hinge for safety's sake. Consequently, this chest is a beauty to behold - yet it's highly functional as well.

For Your Little Angel

Another option is the Rainbow Angel Toy Bench. This attractive bench is painted in a light blue with cloud and star accents and a rainbow backrest with the memorable message: Our Little Angel. The seat's slow-closing safety hinge should protect your child's fingers when your little girl or boy is rummaging through the toy bench.

Children's Wooden Toy Boxes - United Kingdom Only
For those living in the UK, a treasured wooden toy box is this version from Roomers. The hinged box in red can be decorated with footballs for boys and stars for girls. It can also be personalized with the name and wording of your choice. Not surprisingly, this is considered to be one of Roomers' most popular items.

Durability is Key
When selecting a toy box, be sure to choose one that is highly durable. In other words, you'll want to find one that will last throughout your little boy's or girl's childhood. It can also be an incredible keepsake to pass along to your grandchildren.

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