Educational Wooden Toys

A wood educational toy can quickly become a beloved family treasure. In fact, if, when digging through your closet, you find an educational heirloom toy, chances are it’s wooden. There is a beautiful simplicity about a wooden toy. It is sturdy, yet elegant…traditional yet somewhat modern-looking. If you purchase an educational wooden toy, it is likely that it will remain in your family for generations to come.

Wooden toys can be fun, yet can also teach your children some important values. For instance, a child-sized Monkey drum made in India can teach your child the value of music. The drum was actually originally used to train monkeys, so it has quite a history. This percussion instrument can encourage your child to develop an understanding of rhythm. It also promotes creative development, imaginative play, listening skills, and an appreciation for science and culture.

Wooden Pull Toys
wooden pull toys. Wooden pull toys can be tremendously helpful to a two-year-old. They can help build a child’s confidence, fine motor skills, and physical development. Pull-toys are perfect, in fact, for a child who is just beginning to explore his or her environment. They can also entertain children well up to the age of five.

An Animal Train
A wooden animal train consisting of one engine and ten carriages can be a great deal of fun for your toddler. The toy will help your child to learn the names of various animals. It can spark your child’s imagination and help him or her with language skills and overall literacy. The animal train can even help to enhance your child’s social development.

The Allure of a Wooden Clown
Certainly, toddlers are fascinated with clowns. These masters of mischief can easily bring a smile to a child’s face, no matter what the child’s mood. Wooden clown dolls can also be an important addition to a child’s doll collection. You can also easily store them in a standard-sized doll house. The clowns can perform various tricks and acrobatics, encouraging your child to further develop his or her imagination. A wooden clown set can also promote the development of fine motor skills and social development. The set is appropriate for children over the age of three.

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