Dora the Explorer Live

Children love nothing better than a live show. It offers the excitement of a live theater, often mixed with electrifying singing and dancing. In fact, chances are your toddler will want to sing and dance along with the action. Theater can be an important experience for a developing child. It can teach him or her listening skills, critical thinking skills, and even enhance his or her creativity.

It’s often best if you can take your child to a live show where the characters are readily identifiable. Children do not like to venture too far out of their comfort zones, and they can easily become scared by characters that they do not know—particularly if the characters are somewhat unusual-looking. In essence, when planning a theater experience for your children, it’s best to stick with what—and who—they know.

The Magic of Dora
You might seriously consider taking your child to a Dora the Explorer live show, since your son or daughter might already be familiar with the Dora the Explorer show from television. In fact, a Dora the Explorer ticket can be a prized treat for your pre-schooler. He or she may have already formed a bond with the seven-year-old Latina girl and her friends and may love Dora’s computer-like adventures.

If you live in a major city, chances are the Dora the Explorer tour will come to your town. At the show, your child will learn how to observe situations and solve problems as he or she explores Dora’s unique world. While on this theatrical adventure, your toddler will learn basic Spanish words and phrases, as well as math skills and musical appreciation. Since the show is highly interactive, it can be especially fun for your little one. In addition to Dora, Diego the Explorer will be on hand to challenge and entertain your child.

A Lasting Memory
Many children will never forget their first experiences with live theatre. It’s exciting; it’s new; and it can spark their imaginations as nothing else will. Chances are you will never regret taking your son or daughter to a live Dora the Explorer show. It’s the type of high-quality entertainment that’s tailor-made for toddlers.


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