Dora the Explorer Clothes

It’s been said that you are what you wear—and that can be true for little tikes as well as teenagers. Sometimes, it can be quite a struggle getting your pre-schooler dressed for the day. Although she may be young, she also may have definite opinions about what she wants to wear. If your little girl is a fan of Dora the Explorer, she may be most comfortable wearing Dora the Explorer clothing. Whether it’s a Dora the Explorer boot, Dora the Explorer shoes, Dora the Explorer slippers, or a Dora the Explorer watch, your child has a myriad of clothing items and accessories from which to choose.

A Cute Cover-Up
An essential in any preschooler’s wardrobe is an effective cover-up. This can be a sweater, a jacket, or a hooded sweatshirt. Since you have to buy a cover-up anyway for your toddler girl, consider a Dora pullover hoodie. The hoodie features a plastic graphic of Dora on the front and side slash pockets for helping to keep little hands warm in cooler weather. You can purchase the hoodie for less than $35.

Dora the Explorer Pajamas
One truly popular item is the Dora the Explorer skating Dora pajama set. This is the type of pajama set that can set your little one’s heart dancing. It includes a long-sleeved top with a Dora and Boots graphic on the front and snowflake graphics on the sleeves. The matching pants have a full elastic waist and all-over snowflake graphics. As a result, the set is comfortable as well as cute. It’s also highly affordable, priced at less than $20.

For Those Cold Winter Days
For frigid wintry days, consider a Dora the Explorer knit hat and mitten set. Little girls love to wear mittens when they’re forming snowballs or building snowmen—and what could be better than hand-warmers with the Dora logo? The set includes an adorable pom pom hat with tie chin strap and matching mittens

For Your Little Athlete
If your toddler daughter seems to show athletic promise, consider a Dora three-piece fiber knit athletic suit. The suit includes comfortable pants, a hooded jacket, and long-sleeved t-shirt. The shirt features a number of Dora-related graphics, while the zip-up jacket is fully lined for extra warmth.

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