Hot Christmas Toys

Each year there's a hot new Christmas toy that captures the interest and attention of members of the younger generation. However, you should be aware of the fact that what might be the best Christmas selling toy this year may not be next year. Ultimately, the best Christmas kids toy is one that your child will use—and keep on using—again and again.

A Popular Christmas Kid's Toy
A product that certainly falls into the category of most wanted Christmas toy is the VSmile TV Learning System. This item combines a video game platform and educational content into a device that connects directly into your family television. One Seattle toy store manager noted that, come Christmas time, nearly everyone seems to want this hot new Christmas toy.

Other store managers say that they simply cannot keep the VSmile on the shelves. As a result, if you purchase this product, chances are your child will consider it a favorite Christmas toy. While this may be a hard-to-find toy for Christmas, it is definitely worth the effort.

For Your Little Girl
A hot kid's Christmas toy this year is the Dora the Explorer Restickable Table & Chair. This play set can hold small toys, art supplies, and other keepsakes. According to toy managers, Dora remains strong during the holiday season, and the furniture set is a good seller.

A Wal-Mart Christmas toy worth a second look is the Fisher-Price Dora the Explorer Talking House. This amazing toy opens to reveal a second floor and is filled with sounds, music, lights, and bilingual phrases. This favorite Christmas toy is truly elegant and is peopled with Dora, Mom, and Dad. You can buy additional house add-ons and furniture sets separately.

Top Boy's Christmas Toy
If you're looking for a toy for the little man in your life, consider a JC Penney Christmas toy. The venerable department store offers a number of options for male toddlers, including action figures, sports equipment, and other finds. The company is one of the few retailers in the country that maintains its own Product Research and Technology Laboratory. This is to ensure that all toys meet government, industry, and JC Penney standards. As a result, the company’s toys should not only please your toddler—they should be safe as well.

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