Educational Toy - UK

A child educational toy from the UK can be quite a treat—both for you and your toddler. You will find that these toys offer both entertainment and the possibility for some real learning. An educational toy supplier from the UK can offer a variety of toys and games appropriate for children age one to four. An educational pre-schooler’s toy from the UK can offer your son or daughter hours of quality play.

Nursery Rhymes Soundtrack
One toy from the UK worth checking out is the Nursery Rhymes soundtrack. It teaches early listening skills by requiring children to locate Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill, or Little Miss Muffet when they hear the appropriate song. The audio compact disc offers 15 minutes of playing time. The games are appropriate for one or two players age two to five.

learning toys in the uk.Fizz Bizz
Another high-quality amusement is Fizz Bizz, which consists of 64 pages with a hundred number rhymes. Children love to listen to the rhymes and perform the corresponding actions. Fizz Bizz can help introduce your toddler to mental math in a fun, entertaining way.

Jigsaw Rhymes Here We Go
Jigsaw Rhymes Here We Go offers five picture jigsaw puzzles along with five interesting nursery rhymes about food that your toddler can say aloud. This colorful interactive board book can help parents and toddlers read and play together. In other words, it is fun for the entire family.

Educational Toy—Canada
The Canadian-based MasterMind Toys offers an exceptional line of high-quality toys for your toddler. For instance, there is Thomas the Tank Engine Train’s Down by the Docks Set. The water and track set includes 44 pieces, including Bulstrode the Barge; Percy; Lorry; Sir Topham Hatt; conductor; Cranky the Crane; Sodor Bridge; 24 pieces of straight, curved, and adaptor track; track risers; a lighthouse, dock, and playmat. This set can keep three- and four-year-olds happily occupied for hours.

Another entertaining option from Canada is the Easy PC Comfy Keyboard. This educational software teaches children how to learn and play with a personal computer. The keyboard has large, eye-catching buttons, animated characters, and other tools to promote learning. The keyboard can connect to any standard PC. It is tailor-made for toddlers age two and up.


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