Toy Box Games

Undoubtedly, one of the hottest toys on the market today is the toy box game. It provides the type of fantasy that a number of children are searching for. Such games are quite colorful and entertaining, making them appropriate for hours’ worth of quality play. Also, you might actually be surprised at the number of toy box game options that are available today.

roller rush game.Roller Rush
A perfect example of the game in action is Roller Rush. This is a waitress base game where the goal is to earn enough cash to make it through the day. Players can win money by serving drive-in customers hamburgers and milkshakes. If your customers are kept happy, you can earn quite a bit of money. Also, you can continue to upgrade the drive-in with a couple of dozen upgrades. These include everything from an enhanced menu to a larger parking lot.

greedy words game.Yet another example of a winning game is Greedy Words. The manufacturer describes this game as a combination of greed and fun rolled into an entertaining word game. Players roll eight dice and choose letters to form a word. The greater the number of rolls, the higher the risk.

Therefore, players are urged to push themselves to the limit in order to enhance their scores. You can download a toybox game that will provide your children with a myriad of play opportunities. Another entertaining option is the air lotto box machine toy game, which can also be quite absorbing.

The Story Behind Toy Box Games
Toybox Games is known as an interactive entertainment studio which is acclaimed for its high-tech advances. Its hit games have sold more than a million copies. In the past few years, the company has developed 17 retail titles and more than 500 original games, including the number-one selling PC Arcade.

The company’s design team is known for its high-quality, original designs. Its affiliates include THQ, Big Idea, Real Arcade, and Gamehouse. At a time when many parents are searching for games that will keep their children occupied for long stretches of time, Toybox Games appears to be meeting a critical need.

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