Free Toy for Christmas

free christmas toys.For many of us, our fondest childhood memories revolve around Christmas. We remember going door-to-door into the cold night air to go caroling, then having a cup of hot chocolate afterwards in front of a roaring fire. We remember decorating the Christmas tree with our mothers and fathers, trying to create the perfect holiday display. We recall photos with Santa, Christmas melodies on the radio, and “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” But, perhaps most of all, we remember the precious gifts we received on Christmas morning.

Unfortunately, not every family can afford to give extravagant gifts at Christmas. In fact, some families cannot afford any gifts at all. The children from these families could use a free kid’s Christmas toy. Thankfully, there are a number of programs, both on the national level and the community level, to meet this pressing need.

For instance, in Los Angeles, the fire department offers a holiday toy program for needy children. The program relies on volunteers to collect and deliver a free children’s toy for Christmas to anyone in the Los Angeles area who needs it. It’s just one sterling example of the many Christmas free giveaway toy programs in neighborhoods throughout the U.S.

Another Way to Help

Another program offering you the opportunity to help disadvantaged children is the Smile of a Child project begun by Trinity Broadcasting Network’s co-founder Jan Crouch. This program is international in scope, providing toys to little ones in countries such as Samoa , Haiti , Nicaragua , Chile , Namibia , Fiji , Costa Rica , India , Tonga Kenya, China , and South Africa.

Organizers of the program say that the joy they see in a young child’s eyes makes it all worth the incredible effort that goes into it. The program has been responsible for delivering more than 47,000 toys to needy children globally. In addition to providing toys to the disadvantaged, Smile of a Child also works on such noble causes as feeding children and building hospitals.

To take part in the project, all you need to do is purchase a toy at a local retail outlet and mail it to Smile of a Child.

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