Kid's Toy Boxes

If you have children, sooner or later you are likely to purchase a kid’s toy storage box. It is an effective way to keep your children’s toys under control. A toy box chest for kids can also be highly attractive—a nice addition to your children’s bedroom or playroom. It may be emblazoned with images of your children’s favorite animated television characters or toys. If you purchase a treasure chest toy box, it can also serve as part of your legacy for your children and your children’s children.

The Kidkraft Toy Box
One type of toy chest that you might want to invest in is the Kidkraft bench toy box. This toy container offers impeccable style and incredible craftsmanship. In fact, it can add elegance to your children’s room or play area. The toy chest was truly designed with safety in mind. It can keep your children’s room neat and orderly, helping you with your housekeeping chores.

An added advantage is that the toy bench can be used as a seating area. It is also quite roomy, measuring 28.75 inches by 33 inches by 17.75 inches. You should be aware of the fact that some assembly is required with this particular item.

Another Kidkraft option is the Kidkraft Limited Edition toy box. This is a natural toy box made of rubber wood. While the cherry version is fashioned from cherry wood, the white toy box is made of painted fiberboard and rubberwood.

The seat is 18 inches high, so it should be easy for your children to reach. The toy box is mounted on casters, making it convenient to use. The approximate dimensions of this toy chest are 33 inches by 17.25 inches by 28.75 inches.

Another Innovative Option from Kidkraft
Yet another possibility is the Kidkraft dollhouse bookcase with flip top. This device can accommodate not only books, but an assortment of small toys as well.

It is also quite large, measuring 30 inches by 13.5 inches by 40 inches. The flip top makes it especially fun for little girls to use. If ordering this item over the Internet, you should allow seven to ten business days for delivery.


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