Dora the Explorer Pictures

Dora the Explorer is one of the most beloved characters on children's television today. She represents beauty, strength, fun, and adventure. She's the type of girl that your daughter would probably be proud to call a friend. She encourages toddlers to use their imaginations to the fullest extent possible. She's so popular, in fact, that she'll probably be around to entertain and encourage your grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

A printable picture of Dora the Explorer, then, may be highly prized by your pre-schooler. Luckily, you can easily find a free printable Dora the Explorer on the World Wide Web. You may even be able to add a Dora the Explorer background to your computer screen. A Dora the Explorer screensaver is also a good idea. Your little girl will particularly enjoy playing computer learning games, if you have Dora the Explorer wallpaper for her to enjoy.

Dora the Explorer Clipart
You might consider printing out some Dora the Explorer clipart for your child to add to a favorite picture. The Dora the Explorer graphic can add real visual interest to your child's artwork. A Dora the Explorer pic reminds your child of the happy days she's spent in front of the television screen watching Dora and friends go off on their adventures.

Dora the Explorer Website
To find other Dora decoration possibilities, consider checking out a Dora the Explorer website. Such a site might offer everything from a Dora the Explorer poster to a Dora the Explorer cartoon to a Dora the Explorer photo. Dora the Explorer printables can be a real treat for your child. Your daughter will love browsing through the site, looking at each of Dora's various “action poses.” In fact, this can be a wonderful way for you and your little one to spend a cold winter morning.

What We Love About Dora
Little girls love looking at Dora the Explorer artwork because they love Dora herself. She takes them to exciting places such as the Spooky Forest and Crocodile Lake . The television series encourages pre-schoolers to become actively involved in each adventure. Each day, Dora and her favorite monkey-pal Boots go on a risky journey—and your child can ride right along.


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