Kid Toy Storage

Child toy storage is an important problem for today's parents. Many households seem over-run with toys. In addition to the games and dolls that Mom and Dad buy, there are the toys that grandparents, cousins, and aunts and uncles purchase as well. Finding a place to store all these toys can be a real challenge. Thankfully, today you can easily find kid furniture for toy storage.

Kids' Storage and Toy Chests

Whether you're interested in wooden toy storage or plastic toy storage…a kid's toy storage bin or a toy storage box…you'll find a myriad of options available to you. If you want something simple, you can select an unfinished wooden toy chest. However, if you want something more fanciful, try a football toy chest or a Finding Nemo toy box.

Ways to Organize

There are numerous ways to organize your child's toy collection. For instance, you can invest in a toy organizer. This could involve anything from a toy chest to a toy crate. An organizer can be a colorful, practical way to keep toys tidy. Another option is to invest in a child's desk that has plenty of drawer space. You should try to find a desk that will really grow along with your child.

Storing Toys in the Open

If you'd like to keep your child's toys in a place in which they can be easily seen, consider storing the toys on book shelves, resting them in containers, or hanging them on hooks. In fact, you can simply hang a number of small toys on pegs on the wall. In addition, you can use wicker baskets to store small toys so that your child will have easy access to them.

Storing Toys Out of Sight

If you'd prefer that your child's toy collection not be seen, consider tucking them into a chest of drawers in a closet. Another option is to arrange small toy boxes inside an armoire. You can also slide toys into shallow boxes that you stow underneath your child's bed. Be sure to keep toys that your child seldom uses in the back of a closet. That way, you don't have to deal with the toys on a regular basis.

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