Ride On Toy Brands

Because of the widespread popularity of ride on toys, a number of toy manufacturers have climbed aboard this toy trend. As a result, you'll find numerous brands of ride on toys available today. Given this fact, you can be assured that you can find ride on toys that represent a variety of colors, patterns, and styles. From firetrucks to police cars to taxis, the range of products being offered is seemingly endless.

Peg Perego Ride On Toy

Peg Perego is a formidable name in children's toys and furniture. Therefore, it shouldn't be surprising that the company offers some impressive models of ride on toys. For instance, Peg Perego specializes in John Deere ride on toys. The Gator is a case in point.

This John Deere ride on toy is filled with realistic features—features that will really impress both you and your tot. The toy comes with a working gear shift lever, a foot pedal, automatic brakes with a special coasting feature, an extra-large dumping bed with tailgate, large adjustable seats, a large brushguard, a windshield, play ignition key, and working horn. The toy comes nearly fully assembled and is made in the USA .

Another ride on toy your toddler may love is the Harley Davidson Cruiser, known for its roaring engine sounds. The cruiser can go as fast as 5 mph in a forward direction and 2.5 mph in reverse. It can be used on both hard surfaces and grass. It can accommodate children of up to 65 pounds. Its extended mirrors provide extra style.

Fisher Price Ride On Toys

Fisher Price ride on toys are not only popular—they're also quite well-made, meaning they're durable as well. Fisher Price is basically the leading name in children's toys—and ride on toys are no exception. The one good thing about purchasing a Fisher Price toy is that you can rest assured that the ride on toy will last for years.

Ride On Toy Trains

If you're searching for a toy that will really entertain your child, consider a ride on toy train. Trains are utterly fascinating to young children. Once they climb on board, they'll probably want to remain for as long as they possibly can. They simply enjoy the idea of playing conductor for hours on end.

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