The Perfect Toy for a Autistic Child

Autistic children have special needs—and that is particularly true when it comes to play. They need toys that are appealing, yet highly durable…toys that can help them make sense of their world. Fortunately, a number of companies offer toys tailor-made for a child with autism. Foremost among these is the DragonFly Toy Company.

The Wiggly Giggly Toy
An example of a developmental toy for an autistic child is DragonFly’s Wiggly Giggly Ball. This ball actually giggles at the slightest movement. The unique mechanical sound tubes hidden inside the ball gives the toy its signature laugh. Because of its dark grasping indentations, the ball, which measures 9“, is especially easy to handle. It is particularly appropriate for autistic children with visual impairments, thanks to its bright color and memorable noises. No batteries are required for this toy and it is latex-free. It comes in an assortment of colors, so you can match it to your child’s room décor.

Texture Dominoes
Another possible toy for a special need child is highly-textured dominoes. These colorful toys provide touch-and-match fun for your little one. The set consists of 28 colored and textured wooden dominoes that are considered to be “giant sized.” Each domino has two textures, making it particularly appealing to the autistic child. Children can put sensory messages together, thanks to the dominoes’ visual and tactile spots. This toy is also especially good for children with visual impairments. The dominoes measure 3” wide by 2” long, so they are quite easy to handle.

Chubby Stump Crayons
Yet another option for your special child is Chubbi Stump crayons. This toy for a child with autism is short, thick, and easy to handle. The crayons are break-resistant and long-lasting, so they are especially durable.

Water Symphony
If you want to keep your little one entertained in the bathtub, consider purchasing the Water Symphony. This toy provides sensory stimulation at bath time. The symphony consists of a collection of dolphins that you can “play” by tapping their heads. Each dolphin represents a different note on an eight-note scale. The toy is especially apropos for children with visual impairment, fine motor delays, sensory integration problems, or general developmental delays.

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