Lionel Toy Trains

lionel toy trains.For many of us, a Lionel train set is synonymous with the joy of childhood. It represents both adventure and the romance of the road. It may be hard to believe, but Lionel trains have been chugging their way into the hearts of children for more than a century. In 1900, Joshua Lionel Cowen founded the Lionel Manufacturing Company to produce electrical novelty items.

Cowen placed a tiny electric motor under a wooden cheese box in order to create an animated window display. Amazingly, consumers were more interested in the window display than in the products featured. Cowen eventually tinkered with his idea to create the now-legendary Lionel trains.

The Meaning Behind the Lionel Name

The Lionel name has come to mean quality, authenticity, tradition, and family. There's something so comforting about having a Lionel toy train in your home. It's a reminder of how simple and beautiful life used to be. Once you purchase one Lionel train, you may be sorely tempted to gather an entire collection together.

When you have a Lionel train in your living room, you're basically saying to your children, "All aboard for fun!"

Snowflake Express

Of course, Lionel trains are often associated with the holidays. How better to promote Christmas joy than with a Snowflake Express Christmas Train Pack? The set features a battery-powered engine and snowflake-decorated Coal Tender that plays "Jingle Bells" when pressed. The bonus track adapters connect to any Lionel/battery-operated train system.

Lionel Railroad Hand Car

If you're looking for something small to help introduce your pre-schooler to the world of Lionel trains, consider a Lionel Railroad Hand Car. You can wind the car up and see the engineers pump the car along. The car can easily travel on 0-gauge tracks. The unit is packaged in a collector's tin box, so it can become a collector's item for your child.

Lionel Tin Train Station

Another favorite of parents is the Lionel Tin Train Station. Your child will be amazed as the railroad car travels down the track, drops off the caboose at the train station, then swings around to pick it up again. The train station also comes with a certificate of authenticity, so it is a keepsake your family can treasure for years.

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