Dora the Explorer Coloring Pages

If your child loves to color, you'll want to look into collecting Dora the Explorer free coloring pages. You can easily find a Dora the Explorer coloring sheet on the Internet. A Dora the Explorer coloring picture can help to introduce the concept of art to your child. She'll enjoy picking out different colors to complement Dora's outfits. It doesn't cost you a thing to obtain a free Dora the Explorer picture. But that Dora the Explorer image can provide your daughter with hours of coloring fun.

Dora the Explorer Cartoon Picture
You can literally find hundreds of Dora the Explorer coloring images on the Internet. They'll show Dora in a variety of interesting poses. You can even find Dora the Explorer clip art to add to your child's hand-drawn pictures. Such images can help to teach your child how to color within the lines, how to use color to enhance an image, and how to compete a project.

You can even use Dora coloring pages to promote your child's verbal skills. Ask your child what Dora is doing in each picture. In addition, ask your child whether Dora appears to be happy, sad, or angry. In this way, your pre-schooler will learn how to verbalize emotions. You can even promote your child's imagination by asking her to make up a story involving Dora. These verbal exchanges can become memorable moments that you will treasure forever.

Dora the Explorer Coloring Book
If you don't have Internet access, or if you lack a working computer printer, you might consider buying a Dora the Explorer Coloring Book. You just pull out a pack of crayons, open the book, and encourage your daughter to explore her artistic self. The advantage to having a coloring book is that it allows you to keep your child's artwork all in one place. Therefore, you won't have to worry about hunting down pages to post on your refrigerator door.

Dora is a lovely character who can really inspire your child's creativity. She's the type of cartoon figure that never disappoints-and can entertain your child for years.

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