christmas toys for the needy.Christmas Toys for Needy Children

There is something about Christmas that brings out the giving spirit in all of us. And there’s something particularly rewarding about giving toys to impoverished children during the Yuletide season. If you’d like to donate a Christmas toy to a child in need, you have a number of options from which to choose. For instance, you can participate in a program sponsored by your church, your school, or your fraternal organization. Other charitable options include Toys for Tots and the Salvation Army. Your Christmas toy donation can be a baby doll or a Barbie doll, a game of Monopoly or a set of roller skates. By using your imagination, you can find a needy child’s Christmas toy that is truly memorable.

An Effective Christmas Giveaway Toy Program
One particularly winning Christmas toy donation program is run by an organization known as Feed My Lambs. The group considers toys as tools to reach the broken-hearted and the lost. In essence, organizers of the program see a toy donation as a symbol of love. Feed My Lambs permits donors the option of making a contribution by credit card, so it is an especially convenient method of spreading Christmas cheer.

christmas toys, pink doll.Another Way to Solicit Christmas Toys for the Needy
Yet another effective Christmas help toy program is something called the shoebox project. This project encourages boys, girls, and adults to fill empty shoeboxes with books and small toys, such as dolls, balls, small cars, and stuffed animals. You can also add batteries to ensure that a needy child has a happy Christmas morning. You might even add such items as candies, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and soap in animal designs. Be sure, though, not to include anything perishable or breakable.

In order to make the gift more personal, you can add a photo of yourself and a personal note so that the child who receives it knows where the present came from. You can then drop the shoebox off at your local charity or school. You might not realize it, but each U.S. President since Ronald Reagan has packed a Christmas shoebox to give away.

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