Dora the Explorer Birthday Party

What could be better than a birthday party featuring the Dora the Explorer theme? Dora is a character who has thrilled little girls nationwide with her charm and energy. When Dora's in the room, you know adventure is sure to follow. Therefore, a Dora party can represent an extremely entertaining time for your two- to five-year-old.

Dora the Explorer Party Supply
Fortunately, you can find a number of Dora the Explorer party supplies on the market today. You might find some at your local party outlet. But, if you don't have time to shop, consider ordering party supplies online. This is a quick and convenient way to obtain party plates, cups, and other party essentials for your big event.

You should consider mailing invitations to your Dora party two to three weeks before the special occasion. You can send personalized invitations to match your Dora theme or make your own using card stock paper. You can even draw a Dora-style map to your house with all pertinent party information. In other words, consider letting guests know that you plan to go on an adventure with Dora and you want them to take part.

Certainly, decorations will play an important role in your festivities. You should consider decorating your house with streamers, posters, Dora toys, and balloons. You can even create a “spooky forest” effect by hanging green streamers from the ceiling. You can then encourage an artistic friend to cut trees and shrubs from butcher paper and paint a large appliance box to resemble Dora's Casa. Your guests will love running into and out of the Casa during the party. You can even create a puzzle bridge made from felt stones. During the party, the party-goers can use the bridge to play a walking game.

Dora the Explorer Birthday Cake
To top the party off, make sure you have a Dora the Explorer cake on hand. You can bake and decorate one yourself, or buy one at your neighborhood or supermarket bakery. Children love cakes featuring characters, and Dora is always a favorite among little girls.


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