Toy for Disabled Child

Finding a toy for a child with a disability can be a real challenge. Thankfully, a number of companies are stepping up to the plate with games and gadgets especially appropriate for special needs children. GB Kids is a case in point. You might consider it to be the Toys ‘R’ Us of the disabled world.

paint-n-swirl.Special Bingo Toy
GB Kids offers a special bingo game for disabled children. The bingo overlay game set can help a handicapped child develop his or her leisure skills. Each package includes two games and all appropriate game pieces. This toy for a handicapped child is especially well-crafted.

A Special Toy for the Blind

If you’re looking for an appropriate toy for a child with limited vision, you actually have a number of different options from which to choose. Possibilities include balls on spindles, physioballs, or Gertie balls, which are soft and easy for little hands to hold onto. Other options include stacking toys, nesting toys, peg boards, magnetic blocks, bristle blocks, and mega blocks.

gertie balls.The Paint-N-Swirl
Yet another option for the special needs child is the Paint-N-Swirl. This gadget allows your child to create a number of artistic masterpieces. The toy requires two D batteries which are not included with the set. This is an especially appropriate toy for a Down Syndrome child.

Toys for Children with other Disablities
If you are looking for a toy for a child with cerebral palsy, consider a mini spinning balls top from Bright Tots. The top is colorful and cute and should keep your child entertained. If you are hunting for a toy for a deaf child, you need to recognize the fact that hearing-impaired children can play with the same types of toys as hearing children.

Some toys that are especially good for the deaf are those which are brightly colored, highly tactile, and use visual elements such as flashing lights. For other suggestions, consult a language therapist or teacher of the deaf.

Some Final Thoughts

It is important to recognize the fact that toys are just as important for handicapped children as they are for able-bodied children. Toys allow a disabled child to explore his or her world, to learn new concepts and to develop motor skills.

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