Educational Toys

Educational toys are often the rage among the parents of pre-schoolers. Moms and Dads want their children to do well academically, and they will often do everything possible to help enhance early childhood education. In fact, most parents would probably prefer buying the 2005 best educational toy for their youngsters. It is not unusual anymore for an award to be bestowed for an educational toy. However, an item does not necessarily have to be an award-winning child educational toy in order to be good for your little boy or girl.

Pictures of Educational Toys

educational toy.You can find plenty of photos of educational toys on the Internet and in toy catalogs. The photographs give you a good idea of what the toy is actually like. Of course, it is wise to do a “test run” of an educational toy before you actually purchase it. That means going to a store and allowing your pre-schooler to experiment with the toy.

Top Educational Toys

Whether you're thinking about putting together an educational toy gift basket for a new mother, buying an educational baby toy for your niece, or filling the Christmas stocking of your little boy or girl, you'll probably want to find the best educational toys around. One attractive option is the Baby Smartronics Speak & Teach Phone.

Since toddlers love to talk into a phone receiver, this toy can provide hours of entertainment for your child. Another winning option is the Cookin' Sounds Gourmet Kitchen. This kitchen offers special effects such as running water, sizzle, and light-up flames. It comes complete with plates, pans, and pretend food. Meanwhile, if you want to teach your child about the world, consider an educational toy planet. This toy can help your child to put the universe into perspective. It also introduces him or her to the wonderful world of science.

A Proven Award-Winner

The Cruise 'N' Learn Driver is the winner of an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award. The steering wheel includes lights, sounds, and a dog that rides along the dashboard. Your toddler can have fun sounding the horn or turning on the turn signals. The device can easily fit onto a tray or tabletop.

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