Toy Storage Bins

bin to store toys.Storage bins for children's toys are heavily in demand these days. Wood toy storage bins are particularly popular. A toy storage container does not necessarily have to be expensive-cheap toy storage is better than nothing at all. Whether you choose a toy storage bench, canvas toy storage, a toy storage shelf, a toy storage net, or a toy storage cabinet, you'll find that a toy storage unit is well worth the investment.

Nilo Toy Chest/Box w/ Storage Dividers

One attractive option is the Nilo. Debuting in 2003, the toy storage box can be used not only to stow toys, but also for play and for sitting. The side rails feature the company's patented holes to allow for Nilo-lax, Rok-lax, and Nilo-Nails. This toy storage organizer is delightful to both children and parents. The unit measures 14 inches wide, 34 inches long, and 12.5 inches high.

Modular Toy Storage

nilo toy chest.Modular units are particularly attractive to some parents. Stackable toy storage can be a space-saving way to keep a child's room neat and orderly. Take a wooden frame, add storage bins in bright colors, and you have a storage unit that is both pleasing to the eye and easy to use. The plastic bins can easily slide in and out, so you can transport them from room to room. They're great places to stash puzzles, toys, sports articles, and art supplies. Be aware of the fact that if the unit is oversized or especially heavy, the shipping charges will be higher.

The Locker Solution

A number of toddlers get a kick out of having their own lockers. Thankfully, there are lockers especially made for toy storage. What's more, a locker can also accommodate books, shoes, clothing, and craft supplies. Some lockers have two compartments with vented doors, so that they resemble a real high school locker. In some cases, your child may be able to choose the color of the locker. A toy locker can make your little one feel important-and can prepare him or her for the days when he or she will need to use a locker for gym class.

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