Outstanding Children's Wooden Toys

For years, wooden toys have fascinated young children. They can be the props in lively games of “let’s pretend.” Because they are sturdy, they can offer years of use. You do not have to worry about these toys falling apart after just a few games. They are also important keepsakes, which your family can treasure for generations.

An especially good source for a child’s wooden toy is woodentoys.com. The company prides itself for its fine craftsmanship. The toys are considered 100-percent child-safe and are decorated with non-toxic paint. Woodentoys.com also guarantees the quality of its toys, so you do not have to worry about shoddy workmanship.

King's Castle
One impressive item offered by woodentoys.com is the King’s castle. This play palace features moveable ladders, a ramp, drawbridge, and dungeon. A set of eight knights and horses is also included. It’s the perfect set for imaginative play.

Wooden City Beads
Another child’s safe wooden toy is wooden City Beads, a particularly entertaining type of toy. This product is actually a miniature transportation system with a train, car, plane, and helicopter. Your child can move the various methods of transportation through the sky, a tunnel, and even underground. Also included with the toy are clock and shape sorters. This is an especially good product for helping to develop your child’s fine motor skills. It is appropriate for toddlers age 18 months and up.

Child Wooden Toy Block
Of course, a perennial favorite is the tried-and-true wooden block. Old Fashioned Blocks offers a product that is especially helpful in the physical development of young children. The blocks are sold on the World Wide Web and through specialty toy outlets. More than 10,000 school classrooms use blocks manufactured by the company. Therefore, you can find the toys at day care centers and pre-schools throughout the U.S.

Classic Children's Wooden Toy Box
A wooden treasure chest can keep your child’s room tidy—and can be fun for your child besides. The classic natural cherry version uses two child safety hinges and four casters for easy handling. It is appropriate for children age two and older.

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