Dora the Explorer Song

The Dora the Explorer theme song is beloved by children around the world. Once they hear the familiar tune, they are transported to the world of Dora's adventures. The song can even be a comfort to pre-schoolers during times of distress. They love Dora as a friend and, therefore, they're eager to sing her praises.

Song-Filled Dora Videos
Dora has emerged as a video star-and so children are eager to have Dora videos added to their personal video collections. For instance, you can purchase a video which features two music-filled Dora episodes: In one, Dora has to locate musical instruments so her local band can have a parade. In a second episode, Pablo's magical flute is lost in a storm and must be found. In each episode, Dora and Boots fly to the rescue in their cheerful style. Your child is likely to enjoy singing along to the Dora the Explorer lyrics and dancing to the infectious music. The video is appropriate for children ages two to five.

An Enchanting Compact Disc
You might also consider purchasing a Dora CD for your child. The CD is not only entertaining, but educational as well. Dora and her friends sing in both English and Spanish. The tunes are short, lasting only a minute, so they should accommodate your child's brief attention span. This is a must-have product for any true fan of the Nick Jr. animated television series.

Some Memorable Moments
A cartoon can provide a lifetime of pleasant memories for your child. By visiting Dora the Explorer site myspace.com, you can learn all about Dora and her music. For instance, you might not realize that the phrase “lo hicimos” which Dora and Boots sing at the end of the show is a Spanish phrase meaning “We did it!” Also, the “Vamonos!” you often hear on the show means “Let's Go” in Spanish. Since Dora is bilingual, she shows week in and week out that speaking Spanish is not only an effective means of communication-it can also be a source of satisfaction. By checking out the Dora Playtime site, you can learn a great deal about this prominent children's television figure.

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