Learning Toy Sources

Many parents today want to be able to purchase educational toys for their toddlers. Luckily, there are a number of sources available for a full range of learning toys, including an early learning center toy, an elementary school learning toy, and a learning toy for reading. For instance, you can search through a learning toy catalog, either a print version or an online version, for guidance. Or you can visit a store which specializes in educational toys.

The Montessori Learning Toy
You can easily find a creative learning toy inspired by the Montessori tradition. For instance, a popular learning game toy is the Guidecraft Montessori Wooden Sound Box. This award-winning learning activity toy helps to develop a child’s concentration skills. With this game, children shake wooden cubes to hear a rattling sound and find its match. It is appropriate for children ages three to five.

Another popular Montessori toy is a wooden abacus—a child’s first calculator. With this toy, children can learn counting, patterns, and colors. It’s the perfect toy for a day care, church nursery, or home school environment.

Autism Learning Toy
A learning toy for an autistic child can be an incredible tool for assisting a child with special needs. Toys can be tremendous teaching tools—and that’s true no matter what a child’s developmental level. A quick Internet search will reveal a number of companies that produce toys specifically geared toward autistic children.

Spanish Learning Toy
Because many pre-schools are now teaching Spanish to young children, you might want to invest in a Spanish-themed toy for your toddler. These toys can help your child learn the Spanish alphabet, to count in Spanish, and to use simple phrases in Spanish. Learning a language with a toy can be a great deal of fun—for both you and your little one.

Other Learning Toy Possibilities
Another appropriate educational toy for a pre-schooler is ABC 123 Blocks by Maxim. The toy will not only improve your child’s command of the alphabet and numbers—it will also help his or her eye-hand coordination. Your child might also enjoy the Flip-a-Block, which can help keep your child entertained on the road. The chief advantage of this toy is that there are no individual blocks to pick up, so it is convenient to transport.

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