Child's Toy Chest

A child's toy chest is more than just a container for games and dolls. It's also a special place that can hold your child's dreams and aspirations. A toy box offers a world of possibilities for a child-both in the world of "Let's pretend" and in the real world. In recent years, toy chests have really come of age, coming in a wide variety of styles, patterns, and colors. Some of the most popular toy boxes are those that carry the image of a favorite movie or TV character.

Dora the Explorer Bench and Toy Chest
child's toy chest.A Dora the Explorer toy chest is perfect for the adventurous little girl in your life. It's likely that your daughter can really identify with the toy chest Dora. While the bench offers a comfortable place to sit and take a break from play, the toy box offers a great deal of storage space for your little one's prized possessions. The lid's safety hinge protects children's fingers from slamming lids. The imported toy box is fashioned from wood and wood composite.

Bratz Toy Chest
A number of little girls truly love Bratz dolls-so what could be better than a Bratz toy box? It's a perfect place to store the fashion dolls, along with their clothes and accessories. The toy chest is surprisingly rugged, so it can withstand vigorous use. Special safety features include cutaway handles on the sides, plus a slot on the front for finger-safe opening and closing. The lid can be held secure, thanks to a safety mechanism. This toy chest is made from a painted wood composite and measures 14 inches by 21 and 1/4 inches by 14 and 1/4 inches.

Care Bear Toy Chest
If your child is enamored with the Care Bears, you might consider a toy chest bearing the Care Bears logo. While you may pay a bit more for the brand, you'll reap plenty of dividends-in the smiles the toy box generates. Also, such a toy chest is likely to be highly durable so that it can withstand years of rugged use.

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