Electric Toy Trains

An electric train set can represent a highlight of childhood. Who can forget a Lionel train chugging along a track in your parents' living room? Who can forget the thrill of seeing the train produce real smoke and realistic engine sounds? If toy trains are an important part of your memory, you certainly want to pass on the experience to your children. Fortunately, there are a number of electric trains around today that can introduce a new generation of youngsters to the beauty of the train.

The Santa Fe

One electric train that is certainly worth checking out is the Santa Fe Fast Freight. This impressive train set includes a log dump car and a car carrier with a half-dozen removable toy cars. The Santa Fe features an extensive FasTrack layout, along with the powerful CW-80 transformer. Specifically, the set includes a 2-8-4 Berkshire die cast steam locomotive, along with a die cast metal tender; a boxcar, caboose with light-up interior; two straight FasTrack sections; eight curved FasTrack sections; smoke fluid; and an instructional DVD.

The Santa Fe locomotive is particularly outstanding. The sound system includes steam chuffing, a steam whistle, a bell, and squealing brakes, making the train seem truly realistic. The unit also features traction tires for extra believability. Engineer and fireman figures make the train fun for little ones to play with.

The Yukon

If you're looking for a special freight toy train, consider the Yukon . An impressive GP9 leads a tank car, a hopper, an operating searchlight car, and a caboose. Your pre-schooler can pretend that the Yukon is chugging along the frozen tundra. The Yukon includes a CW-80 transformer and a loop of FasTrack track. The set also includes an instructional DVD for parents.

Special features of the locomotive include transformer-controlled forward, neutral, and reverse operation; an electronic diesel horn; an operating headlight; dual operating couplers; dual powerful maintenance-free motors; a metal frame; and an operating strobe light.

The Polar Express

The Lionel Polar Express is perfect for pretend trips to the North Pole. The train set features a die-cast metal Berkshire steam locomotive with a larger pilot, headlight lens cap, and whistle. The engine and tender are characterized by a dark matte finish which is truly memorable. Two lighted coach cars follow the locomotive and tender.

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