Top Christmas Toys bratz christmas doll.
Each year, there is a hot Christmas toy, one that appears to out-sell the rest. Of course, the competition for hottest Christmas toy is quite fierce every holiday season. Certainly, an item that deserves to be in the best Christmas toy category is the Bratz doll. The doll is sassier than the typical Barbie doll—and appears to be a hit among the under-10 crowd. Production of this popular toy for Christmas began in the summer of 2001, when the line was launched by MGA Entertainment.

This top 10 Christmas toy is made of vinyl, with hard vinyl being used for the head and body and softer vinyl used for the arms and legs. According to some sales estimates, the Bratz doll may in fact be the most popular Christmas toy around.

cabbage patch christmas doll.Another Top Ten Christmas Toy
Yet another top-selling Christmas toy is the Cabbage Patch doll. This top kid Christmas toy began in the 1970s, when Xavier Roberts invented his “Little Person” dolls. The dolls were unique not only because of their look, but because of the “adoption papers” that came with them. Roberts and five of his acquaintances began the Original Appalachian Artworks company that produced the dolls.

The dolls caught the eye of the Coleco toy company, which liked the toys so much that it began mass-marketing the dolls in 1983 under the name “Cabbage Patch Kids.”

Other Popular Toys of the 21st Century
Of course, there are a number of other toys nowadays that rank high in the popularity department. For instance, there are classic games such as Twister and Cluedo. These Hasbro toys remain a favorite of children year in and year out. The Dora the Explorer doll is a winner, as is the Leapster by LeapFrog. Power Rangers, Robosapiens, and Tamagotchi are also well-liked by today’s young people.

Many children last year found the V-Smile by V-Tech under their Christmas trees and had a happy holiday season as a result. Believe it or not, another popular item is the old-fashioned trampoline, which appears to be making a comeback in backyards around the world.

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