The Jack in the Box Toy-An American Favorite

There are certain toys from childhood that are simply unforgettable-a Raggedy Ann doll, a Barbie doll, a G.I. Joe. Certainly, a toy that belongs in this category is the musical Jack in the Box. Jack in the Box toys are fun, fanciful, and forever associated with the first few precious years of life. Thankfully, decades after your own childhood ended, you can still find these magical toys in the marketplace-a perfect trophy piece for your child's or grandchild's bedroom.

The Clown
Nowadays, there is a wide variety of Jack in the Box toys that you can choose from. But perhaps the most classic version is the clown. For instance, the Musical Jack in the Box Clown is ranked among the nation's best-it is an Oppenheim Gold Award Winner. The clown actually represents six activity toys in one, so it can provide hours of fun for your little one. It is appropriate for any child 12 months and older. Special features of this toy include a clicking star, a button that makes a squeaking sound, and a mirror on the bottom. This Jack in the Box is highly durable and is also washable for easy care.

Dog in the Box
Dog in the Box, Jack in the Box Toy.An interesting variation of the Jack in the Box is a dog in the box. For instance, Jack the dog, a Jack Russel terrier version, plays the classic tune, "Oh Where, Ohio Where Has My Little Dog Gone?" The dog actually jumps on cue, making it extra exciting for your child. Jack comes in a sturdy tin box so you don't have to worry about the toy breaking.

Fifi is part of a collection of classic Tin Jack in the Boxes. This dog in a box plays the French classic, "Alouette." The Jack in the Box toy box features scenes from French culture, such as Fifi drinking coffee at a cafe';, Fifi behind the Eiffel Tower , sketches in the gardens, and dances in her tutu. This unusual Jack in the Box is appropriate for children 18 months and up.

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