Beloved Toy Trains

Sometime during your childhood, chances are that you played with a toy train set. You might even continue to hum a little toy trains song from time to time. Why not pass that magic onto your own child? A toy train can be a wonderful tool for helping your child learn the basics of motion, transportation, and even sound. It can be a great plaything during the holiday season or all year long.

Toy Christmas Trains

Christmas toy trains can bring extra joy to the yuletide season. In some households, a train chugging around the tree is synonymous with Christmas. You may even be able to find a version with Santa as the engineer. The advantage to this kind of train is that it can be a keepsake that your child can enjoy long after he or she leaves the toddler years.

Getting Down to Business

You've seen the "I Love Toy Trains" video clips, and you are definitely in the buying mood. What should you look for when shopping for discount toy trains for your two-, three-, or four-year-old? Experts say the best advice is to begin with a starter set. In fact, Lionel Starter sets have everything you could possibly need to introduce your toddler to the world of trains.

The sets are also easy to assemble—you can put them together in a matter of minutes. Also, starter sets are less expensive than buying individual components separately, so they're a cost-effective way to bring toy trains into your household.

Put Safety First

toy train safety.A toy train set should be safe, above all else. Fortunately, every Lionel component is UR-listed. The transformers lower household current to a safe level so that children can touch the track without getting injured. Toddlers are too young to operate a train set on their own; however, they can certainly push a button or blow a whistle.

As they grow older, they can shoulder some of the responsibility of setting up and running the train. One of the major advantages of a Lionel set is that it is rugged enough to withstand years of use. The 50 million trains the company has produced since 1900 are still running.

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