Dora the Explorer Ride On Toys

Pre-schoolers love ride on toys, since they offer a sense of adventure. In addition, young children love to own things that have some link to their favorite television characters. Therefore, you should seriously consider buying a ride on toy in the Dora the Explorer line. These high-quality toys are safe for your little ones-and they're quite fun as well! Whether you're considering Dora Explorer power wheels, a Dora the Explore van, or a Dora the Explorer bike, a Dora vehicle is a sound investment for you and your child. Some ride on toys come equipped with a Dora the Explorer CD player. In addition, you might want to invest in a Dora the Explorer DVD player. For inside adventures, consider a Dora the Explorer chair and desk and, for special games of “Let's pretend,” a Dora the Explorer talking doll house.

The Dora Trike
A favorite ride on toy among pre-schoolers is the tricycle-and Dora has one that will really get your little one moving! This Dora the Explorer bike is designed with durable wheels, easy-grip handlebars, slip-resistant pedals, and a seat that can actually grow with your child. This vehicle also includes flashing flower turn signals, Dora graphics, and English and Spanish phrases. A lovely basket in front can hold your daughter's most prized possessions.

ATV Dora Explorer
All-terrain vehicles don't just have to be for grown-ups. This exceptional model is tailor-made for toddlers. The ATV can travel up to 2 mph on hard surfaces and on grass. The push-button controls allow for simple stop-and-go action. Because the ATV is low to the ground, it is easy for pre-schoolers to hop on and off. The six volts of batter power can make for a truly exciting ride. The vehicle is recommended for outdoor use only. The rugged tires are perfect for grand backyard adventures.

Dora Explorer Jeep Power Wheels
A Dora Explorer jeep can give your toddler hours of high-quality entertainment. She'll enjoy zooming around the yard in a jeep that is just her size. She can also have some of her favorite stuffed animals come along for the ride.

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