Toy Trains

Thomas the Train Toy

thomas the tank train.Certainly, Thomas the Train is a beloved part of playland today. A Thomas the Train set can be a welcomed addition to any toddler’s toy chest. Thomas the Train and Friends have a great deal of personality, are enjoyable to look at, and represent pure fun to play with. Once your child is introduced to Thomas the Train engine, chances are he or she will want to play with the toy for years to come.

Beloved Toy Trains

Sometime during your childhood, chances are that you played with a toy train set. You might even continue to hum a little toy trains song from time to time. Why not pass that magic onto your own child? A toy train can be a wonderful tool for helping your child learn the basics of motion, transportation, and even sound. It can be a great plaything during the holiday season or all year long.

Toy Train Set

toy train sets.A toy train set can quickly become one of your toddler’s most treasured toys. A train set symbolizes adventure and intrigue. It can help to introduce your child to the exciting world of transportation. Your little boy or girl will love guiding a train along a track. He or she might also fall in love with both the engine and the caboose. In short, toy trains guarantee hours of quality play for your toddler.

Electric Toy Trains electronic trains.
An electric train set can represent a highlight of childhood. Who can forget a Lionel train chugging along a track in your parents' living room? Who can forget the thrill of seeing the train produce real smoke and realistic engine sounds? If toy trains are an important part of your memory, you certainly want to pass on the experience to your children. Fortunately, there are a number of electric trains around today that can introduce a new generation of youngsters to the beauty of the train.

Lionel Toy Trains

lionel trains.For many of us, a Lionel train set is synonymous with the joy of childhood. It represents both adventure and the romance of the road. It may be hard to believe, but Lionel trains have been chugging their way into the hearts of children for more than a century. In 1900, Joshua Lionel Cowen founded the Lionel Manufacturing Company to produce electrical novelty items. Cowen placed a tiny electric motor under a wooden cheese box in order to create an animated window display. Amazingly, consumers were more interested in the window display than in the products featured. Cowen eventually tinkered with his idea to create the now-legendary Lionel trains.

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